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Three Tips for Winter Decorating After Christmas
Posted 1/6/2020 by Nora Harding

Non-Christmas Winter Decorating Getting you Down?

Cure your holiday decor hangover in three steps.

The sight of Santa's face in January just seems unnatural. The feeling is reminiscent of days long ago, like spotting a teacher outside of school--not necessarily a negative feeling, just a little unusual. 

Once the ball has dropped in Times Square, the daunting task of putting away Christmas decorations begins to loom overhead like a big gray cloud. Indeed, what fun it was decking the halls when the end of November rolled around! However, in order to preserve the special wow-factor of your beautifully curated Christmas decoration collection (and let's face it, our sanity), there must be a game plan so your home doesn't feel like a holiday hangover in January. Let us offer some helpful strategies to approaching the New Year with a fresh perspective on decorating your home.

#1 Be Present When Taking Christmas Decorations Down

It seems like there is always a collective push for organization come January, and for good reason. The holiday season can be quite taxing on us in multiple aspects of life, it's only natural to want to steer back to an organized sense of normal. First things first, take care when removing Christmas decorations. Resist the urge to mindlessly throw items in a box. You may be tired of looking at the Elf on the Shelf who seems to have overstayed her welcome, but it's not her fault! Organize in a way that makes sense for you. Some people prefer to store decorations grouped by the room in which they are displayed, while others might benefit from storing things by visual traits like color or shape. Remember to label your containers clearly and as in as much detail as it takes for you to know the contents. It can be an enjoyable project especially with a good label maker, like the Brother P-touch.

 <---------- hands down our favorite label maker!

If you have a system in place that works well for you when putting things away, your future self will thank you when you pull out the trimmings and tinsel next holiday season! 

#1.5 Reward Yourself (This step is not optional!)

The struggle is real when clearing your space of Christmas. You may feel a nagging need to power through and get the job done quickly, but this will only result in more stress building up throughout the process. You have accomplished a major foundation block of this project, now carve out a bit of time for yourself. Ideally the reward would be something that falls under the umbrella of self-care. Here are some examples of positive rewards at this point:

  • Put on a kettle and enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea
  • Bond with your fur baby--give the kitty some belly rubs or take your pup for a walk
  • Retreat to a quiet space and do a sequence of tension-reducing stretches

Hot Tip: Avoid things that may seem like a reward but will actually result in a crash later (i.e. sweets or alcohol).

#2 Reset the Space with a Deep Clean

Glitter, pine needles (real and faux), tinsel and the like do not make the resetting process any easier. We find it's best if you go through room by room and dust first, then vacuum. Use a microfiber towel or damp cloth, depending on your surface, and get those surfaces squeaky clean. A Swedish dishcloth is a superb solution for chemical-free cleanup in the home. Then, go through each room and do a thorough vacuuming. If you really want to give your space the best shot at being a clean slate, we recommend one more run through dusting and vacuuming. It is a lot of work, but your space will feel so much better as a result. Let the fresh space give you that extra oomph to kick the new year off on a strong foundation.

#3 Fill in with Neutral Winter Decor

It feels so empty and bare, right? Look at the bright side! You have a crisp, clean canvas to decorate for winter with care and set your intention for the year ahead. Winter decor might feel subdued compared to Christmas, but we suggest you welcome this gentle shift. Take January as an opportunity to slow down. Now, what we mean by neutral in this case is just an overall aesthetic that doesn't scream "seasonal" or "holiday". We mean no offense, Santa! Please don't put us on the naughty list. Try to focus on broader themes like an exceptionally cozy home. Feel free to mix metals and experiment with textures--as long as they are neutrals, just about anything goes! Allowing yourself to experiment with different combinations may just lead to a unique and beautiful vignette you can enjoy through the winter months.

Keep scrolling for a small winter vignette we put together with some items we have in store at The Attic.

We mixed mercury glass and galvanized metal, because they are both silver tones (i.e., neutral).

Adorably stacked books read "There is no place like home" and a quote like that is good all year long!

A little bit of boxwood greenery goes a long way to breathe some life into January.


There's no denying it, ridding your home of Christmas decor and moving forward with decorating for the rest of the winter months is an undertaking. Indeed, the transition to non-Christmas is a multi-phase project, which will take anywhere from one to three days, depending on the size of your space and the level of detail with which you approach organization and storage. If you approach the project with well intentions set, appropriate pacing and an open mind, it can be a refreshing ritual to welcome every January. 

Do you have any rules for winter decorating after Christmas? Please share in the comments below!

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