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Posted 6/10/2014 by Ms. J, Blogger & Attic Co-Owner
Welcome to the new Attic Blog! Each month we will post ideas, stories and decorating tips that will hopefully inspire the inner design diva in you. We all know she’s in there and sometimes she just needs a little inspiration to come on out.

This month we will talk about simple but effective ways to freshen up your favorite space. When the season changes I just want to mix it up at home without breaking the budget. It really does not have to cost a lot of money unless you get carried away and start replacing your large furniture pieces!

Pick a room, any room and start with something new or used that will set the tone for your new space. Maybe a picture, rug, new wall color or maybe just a décor item you love and want to feature front and center. Go through your house and gather anything else that might work with your new theme and bring it to an area where you can put everything together. As with any project, you have to start with the work before you get to the fun. If you are going to change the color, then start with that first. Although painting can be daunting, that is the quickest way to make the biggest impact when changing your space.

Whether or not your painting, move everything to the center of the room and give the area a good cleaning. Make sure to get all of the nooks and crannies that we never seem to get to. Don’t forget to wash the windows inside and out as it is amazing how great that alone can improve the look of a room.

Now the fun begins…. Call your girlfriend, open a bottle of wine and let’s get started. Play around with the furniture beginning with the anchor pieces. Try not to go back to the old arrangement. If you can, introduce at least one key piece from a different room. It could be different lamps, a side table, maybe a bookshelf? Be sure to consider your electrical outlet locations for a variety of lighting throughout the room when placing the furniture. Arrange pictures in groupings on the floor before hanging them on the wall. Make sure to hang them at eye level. Pictures that are too high seems to take the coziness out of a room. Don’t forget to add some new family photos in some really cute frames to personalize your new space. Add in the accessories! Some fresh flowers, new pillows, a nice soft throw across the couch and light an awesome scented candle. Ahhh, now look around at your new space so clean and shiny.

Remember, refresh your space with the things you love. It does not have to cost a lot of money, it just takes some thought and inspiration.  Have fun with it!
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