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How To: Achieve Timeless Interior Design
Posted 4/10/2019 by Nora

How To: Achieve Timeless Interior Design


When hitting reset on your interior design choices, you want to make smart decisions that you won’t tire of too soon after decorating. Opinions vary on the topic of how frequently we should take on an overhaul interior re-design, but amongst the team at The Attic, we think six to ten years makes sense. In order to fill your home with decor and styling you love for a long time, we have some tips for designing with timelessness in mind.


Big Picture: Neutrals Are King


"On trend" colors can become cringe-worthy in a hurry--think sea foam green and mauve from the 80s or hunter green and burgundy from the 90s! Trends are not worth your time (or money) if you are doing a complete remodel. With that in mind, we strongly suggest finding your favorite neutral and stick to it. For your main pieces of furniture, higher priced items and walls, you are much less likely to feel burned by your choice if you opt for a neutral. Greige has been all the rage for a while now for a reason! But if you prefer a clean, crisp white palette, that’s great too. Whichever neutral speaks to you most is what you should go for. Below are some examples of paint colors from Behr that we think are a good place to start for inspiration.


        Spun Wool     Gallery White      Loft Space Snow Leopard



Furniture: Marry “Utility” and “Beauty”


The larger staples in your home need to be both beautiful and functional. You want a sofa that is going to be the most comfortable seating in your home. Let's face it, you probably do not want to have to replace a major purchase like a sofa for a few years. Go for durable materials in a neutral, but beware of going drab, you don’t want to tire of it prematurely! This leather sectional is one that was originally at Costco for $2,899, but (as of April of 2019) we have this exact sectional, for only $1,295. The beauty of consignment!




Borrow From the Past, Live Happily in the Now


To maintain a space that feels timeless, a thoughtful mélange of old and new is a way to balance the overall presence of your home. With a little of both new and old objects, you can honor items with sentimental value, while still adding current pieces which speak to you. Your Nambé bowl can harmoniously sit on the same credenza as your grandmother’s Blue Danube candlesticks. Mixing styles and pieces from differing eras is a modern way to maintain your personal style. Older objects do not necessarily have to have sentimental value to you--maybe you found an awesome vintage brass camel at The Attic and now you are giving it a new lease on life!




Trends and Patterns Welcome (with Restrictions)


Timeless is not synonymous with boring! You can partake in styling with trends and patterns. When going for a timeless look in the long run, we suggest saving the use of trends and patterns for accents. For example, a 2019 home decor trend is biophilic design, which is nature-friendly design (and it has been speculated to reduce stress levels). This isn’t to suggest that you should knock an entire wall down and add glass accordion doors to the backyard (though that look is quite stunning!), but adding some on-trend houseplants can freshen up your space, aesthetically and mentally!




Smaller Textiles for Swapping


Another affordable way to keep your space new and exciting, while not deviating too far off the path of your timeless look, is to swap out pillows and throws to mirror the season. A budget-friendly way to have more options for switching these items out is to consign those items with us at The Attic and look for replacements here! It really is fun for us here when seasons change, because our consignors always bring so much refreshing and unique items. You really never know what delightful treasures you will find at The Attic!





In Summary


There are many ways to go about redecorating. When settling on your approach, it’s always beneficial to be true to yourself throughout the whole process.

Big takeaway advice to remember:

  • Neutrals are low risk
  • Big ticket items need to be high quality and comfy
  • Let your personality shine with touches from the past, small doses of trends & patterns and by cycling various smaller textile pieces

These basic tips will help keep your space fresh, timeless and fun. With this advice to keep your next design overhaul timeless, we hope the task seems less daunting. Feel free to stop by The Attic next time you want to bounce design ideas off of us--we’re happy to help!